Friday, September 6, 2013

Developer Day #1 - The Stack


  1. Love that you are documenting this as you go. Why Couchbase vs MongoDB or ...? What will you use for the front end? Ember? Angular?

    1. John is doing the database work. I'll have to let him answer the question about Couchbase. As for Ember or Angular, we'll decide that next week when we work on the results page. We don't have much experience with either of them. Do you have a recommendation?

    2. To answer the question of "why CouchBase":

      One, master-to-master replication is really nice to have, especially in a multi-site clustering environment (XDCR deployments).

      Two, native json and javascript views and shows. The nice thing is that JSON is JSON all the way through from the db to the web client.

      The third is specific to couchbase, ease of administration. It takes all of the pain out of cluster management, especially since it manages sharding mostly transparently.

    3. FYI MongoDB also has auto-sharding. Not that I've ever used it...

      But I have used Couch. The views and shows in Couch ARE really nice; they let you format your data before it ever leaves the database, giving you a nice consistent API on top of your loosely structured data. I've thought about moving from CouchDB to Mongo but I'd really miss that often-overlooked feature.

  2. I don't have any experience with either Angular or Ember, but I will be trying to learn them this Fall. A friend says there is a huge Angular community in SLC, so if you want to hire additional help, that could be a motivation. I personally prefer Ember just from the reading and watching videos I've done. Their approach uses templating syntax that is very similar to Jinja (curly braces to embed code in HTML), whereas Angular adds tags straight into the DOM.