Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Water Cooler Wednesday #8 - Data and Licenses

Having access to data, especially as developers, is key. That being said, much of the data relating to genealogy is behind a paywall or otherwise restricted. While we believe in being able to make a profit, it should be from providing tools and services, and not for selling access to the raw data itself.

We believe that the data that we are collecting for Find-A-Record should be freely available to other developers. To that end, we will be licensing our database under a Creative Commons License (probably Attribution-ShareAlike). Regular dumps of our collection, repository, and place data will be available for download.

While we are making our raw data freely available, we will be charging for access to our API. Why? Because we are adding value to the data by providing multiple ways of querying it. It will be hosted on our infrastructure that costs money to maintain.

In other news, we are almost done preparing for the beta. We'll have more to announce very soon.

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