Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Watercooler Wednesday #12 - Whiteboards

The first thing we did when moving into our office was to install some whiteboards. Being a startup, we went with a slightly unorthodox solution. We used glass tabletops from ikea. Not only do they look as nice as a $250 whiteboard, they last a lot longer as well. If they get dirty just use some windex.
Wall o' Whiteboards
We do most of our large scale brainstorming, planning, and collaboration using these whiteboards. When we're done we take a picture of the whiteboard and erase it. Over the last 12 weeks we have collected quite a few images. Enjoy a few of the more interesting ones.

Some early infrastructure and cost planning
Planning the Map View
Working on our customized R-Tree for Neo4j
Debugging our R-Tree Indexing and Neo4j Graph Queries
Deciding which attributes to sort by in our Neo4j query
Having a nomenclature discussion

Hopefully you enjoyed the small glimpse of what our whiteboards go through on a daily basis. We'll see you in two weeks!

Ikea link: Buy just the tabletop from this set. Article number 601.546.45

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