Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Watercooler Wednesday #15 - Introducing the Open Place Database

Last week we explained how we're not able to geocode to shapes with any currently available services and then discussed a possible solution. After a few days of implementing the solution, we are announcing the Open Place Database.

The Open Place Database (OPD) will contain information about places and administrative boundaries for the entire world including how they changed over time. The data will be licensed with the Open Database License (ODbl) so that it can be used by anybody in any way that they please. There is an API for light programmatic usage with the option of installing OPD yourself for heavy usage.

We've only been working on this for three days, so there's much more to come:
  • Regularly updated data dumps
  • Visual editor
  • Much more data (at the time of writing we only have data for US counties)

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