Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Watercooler Wednesday #18 - We're Going To RootsTech

We will be attending RootsTech on February 6-8 as well as the Innovator Summit on the 5th. Here's what we're looking forward to.

Developer Challenge

We will be entering both Find-A-Record and Open Place Database in the Developer Challenge. The cash prizes are underwhelming but the publicity is priceless. The developer challenge put last years winner, Treelines, on the map and they weren't promised half the attention that even 3rd place will get this year.

FamilySearch Records API

We're hoping for some big news from the session about the FamilySearch Historical Records API. A historical records API that grants access to a collection as vast as FamilySearch's will initiate an exciting new age in the development of genealogy applications.

FamilySearch Partner Services Session

FamilySearch will be hosting a session titled FamilySearch is Open for Business! – What is Partner Services? How Can it Help my Business? We're hoping to hear some announcements about an improved experience for FamilySearch partners, such as self-service developer keys.


RootsTech is always full of surprise announcements from companies large and small. What will happen this time?

Meeting People

We're going to meet some friends from RootsDev for breakfast before the Innovator Summit. We look forward to meeting many others over the course of the four days.

Free Lunch

The Innovator Summit includes free* lunch. Who could pass up an opportunity for free lunch?

* Free after the entrance fee, of course.

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  1. Here's a promo code for the RootsTech Innovator Summit in case you haven't already signed up:

    Wednesday (1-day) pass: $59
    Full Access (4-day) pass: $139
    Promo code: IS59JZ1

    This is code is only good until January 14. At that time, the price goes to the full $239.